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Archive for August, 2007

Professional practices come in many types: dental and medical practices, law and accounting firms, architecture and engineering consulting companies, individual and business professional consulting firms. While a professional practice may look like a service business, there are key differences to bear in mind that affect what a practice is worth.   Top reasons why a… Continue Reading

“Cost-basis” accounting statements such as the company’s Income Statement and Balance Sheet require adjustments before you can use them in business valuation. Your goal here is to demonstrate the business earning power and economic value of its asset base. Your focus for the Income statement adjustments is to identify discretionary expenses that contribute to the business’… Continue Reading

Designed on the leading-edge Java-6 technology, ValuAdder business valuation software is packed with features to simplify and speed up your business valuation. One of these powerful features is ValuAdder AutocalculateTM. With AutocalculateTM on, ValuAdder responds to your inputs by instantly calculating your business valuation results. Refining your business valuation assumptions is a snap especially when coupled with the quick incremental adjustments… Continue Reading

The key reason behind the accuracy of the Discounted Cash Flow business valuation method is that it lets you match the business cash flows and the risk, represented by the discount rate you use. This method works by translating these cash flows to today’s dollars by calculating the so-called present value. Now, any seasoned business person would agree that… Continue Reading

Small business value is driven by its earning power It will come as no surprise to you that the value of a small business depends on how much money it makes. More so than the market comparisons or the size of the business asset base, its ability to generate adequate income for its owners defines what it’s… Continue Reading

One of the greatest strengths of ValuAdder is its flexibility. You will notice that ValuAdder offers you a number of well-known business valuation and deal structuring tools. With all the tools and business valuation methods available to you, you can make the choices that best fit your particular business valuation, business sale or purchase situation.… Continue Reading

With all the business valuation methods available, you may wonder which ones work best for valuing a start-up business. First, let’s consider the special challenges faced by a young business that affect what it is worth.   Conflicting requirements for start-up valuation Unlike an established business, startup companies have little history of financial performance. Frequently a… Continue Reading