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Designed on the leading-edge Java-6 technology, ValuAdder business valuation software is packed with features to simplify and speed up your business valuation.

One of these powerful features is ValuAdder AutocalculateTM. With AutocalculateTM on, ValuAdder responds to your inputs by instantly calculating your business valuation results. Refining your business valuation assumptions is a snap especially when coupled with the quick incremental adjustments using the up and down arrows provided on each ValuAdder input.

Here is how you can activate AutocalculateTM:

  1. Run ValuAdder.
  2. Click on the Tools menu.
  3. Toggle the AutocalculateTM on. A checkmark indicates that AutocalculateTM is active.

You will find AutocalculateTM a real time saver in many business valuation situations, including:

  1. What-if scenario analysis.
  2. When reviewing a number of business valuation situations with your partners or professional advisors.
  3. When developing the terms of a business purchase offer.
  4. During negotiations over the terms of a business purchase offer or counter-offer.

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