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If you need to present your business valuation results in a professional appraisal report format, you will find that the newly released Business Valuation Report Builder V2.0™ is the tool for the job.

Professional business valuation reports that comply with the USPAP standards 

Starting with a 40+ page report template in the familiar Microsoft® Office Word format, the Report Builder™ takes you through the process of preparing a standards-compliant business appraisal report in record time. And you can create your reports on a Windows or Mac computer.

Here is how the Report Builder™ simplifies creation of your business valuation reports:

  • Gives you the power and flexibility of a fully editable Microsoft Office Word template format.
  • Covers the essential reporting requirements through compliance with the industry-leading USPAP Standard 10 guidelines.
  • Saves you time and makes you more productive. You can create report snippets that can be reused time and again.
  • Gives you the freedom to choose the business valuation tools you want. You can use your own spreadsheets – or a set of ValuAdder standard business valuation methods.

The Business Valuation Report Builder™ comes with a powerful feature set to make your business valuation reports stand out:

  • Report Creator which generates an unlimited number of fully customizable business valuation report templates.
  • User’s Guide which shows you how to create professional business appraisal reports quickly and effectively.
  • Extensive Comments which offer helpful suggestions as you complete your report.
  • Automatic Fill-In of important details such as the business and client names, business valuation date, and business appraiser credentials.

Prepare professional business valuation reports – and save a bundle! 

If you don’t have Microsoft® Office, the Business Valuation Report Builder™ can also save you money. You can prepare your business valuation reports using the freely available office productivity suite!

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