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Archive for February, 2008

Insurance brokerage is a growing business. In the US, for example, there are nearly 220,000 insurance brokerage firms. The industry employs some 1,232,000 people and generates total annual sales of over $355 billion. Most insurance agencies are small businesses with an average staff of 6 and annual revenues of around $1.8 million. These businesses continue… Continue Reading

There are over 50,000 bars, pubs, microbreweries and night clubs in the US alone. These businesses tend to generate good cash flow and attract loyal customer following, especially if the bar concept is well-focused on a particular demographic. With health benefits of moderate wine drinking planted in the public subconscious, and popularity of local microbrews,… Continue Reading

While business valuation is hardly black magic, 3 common myths do need dispelling: Myth 1: There is only one way to appraise a business. Not so. In fact, there are three ways, known as approaches, to determine the value of a business. Each has strengths and drawbacks. That’s why a well-prepared business appraisal uses a number… Continue Reading