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Archive for April, 2008

If you are buying a business or selling your business, estimating the business selling price by market comparison is a good idea. Recent business sales in your industry offer an excellent way to develop your asking price or check your offer price and terms. A number of business pricing multiples to choose from As we… Continue Reading

If you need a bullet-proof way to show what your business is worth, compare it to similar businesses that sold recently. In fact, such business market value comparisons are widely used by business people and professional business appraisers. So much so, that they deserve an official name: Comparative Transaction business valuation method. Market comps and business fair… Continue Reading

Perhaps the most misunderstood part of valuing a business is that business valuation results may differ depending on the assumptions you make, namely: Who needs to know what the business is worth? What are the circumstances surrounding your company valuation? Business appraisers use the formal term business value standard to address this situation. You have… Continue Reading

Even if you keep your company’s financial records in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), the value of key intangible assets may not be clear. Unless, that is, these assets were acquired as part of another business purchase. In fact, GAAP rules state that business owners can’t record the value of internally developed… Continue Reading

If you are looking to appraise a business, you have two basic choices: Hiring a professional business appraiser. Doing your business appraisal yourself. Obviously, professional help comes at a price. What can you expect to spend to get your business appraised? Business appraisers charge by the hour, with average hourly fees being $250 to $300.… Continue Reading