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Archive for September, 2008

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as plumbing contractors make up a very large industry with over $121 billion in annual gross revenues. The industry is still highly fragmented with some 178,550 independent business competing across the US alone. The average business in this industry, classified under SIC 1711, is privately owned and small… Continue Reading

There are no better indicators of what a business is worth than its earning prospects and risk profile. Savvy investors analyze business opportunities by doing careful forecast of their income. But forecasts and money in the bank do differ in one key respect – there is a risk that the business may not live up… Continue Reading

Any business appraisal, whether prepared by you or someone else, depends on the assumptions made at the outset. Take a look at a well-prepared business appraisal report and you will see that, how the business value is measured as well as the circumstances of business appraisal, are clearly spelled out. In addition, assessment of business worth requires informed judgement… Continue Reading