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If you are valuing a business and need to share your results with others, a professionally done business valuation report is a must. To be taken seriously, your business appraisal report needs to be thorough, transparent and follow a set of established guidelines other business people expect.

We have just released the new Business Valuation Report Builder V2.5 to give you the tools you need to prepare professional, standards-compliant business valuation reports. The fully customizable report format follows the important professional guidelines set forth by the USPAP and AICPA SSVS appraisal standards.

To make your report preparation easy, the Report Builder produces preformatted valuation report templates that you can customize in the familiar Microsoft Word editor.

Helpful comments show you what editorial changes to make and where as you work on your report. An extensive User’s Guide explains the business valuation report preparation fundamentals, gives you references to professional standard requirements and plenty of time-saving tips.

You can easily import your business valuation numbers from ValuAdder business valuation software worksheets or your own spreadsheets. ValuAdder financial recasting worksheets contain a number of data tables detailing the key elements of your business appraisal:

  1. Historic company financial statements.
  2. Financial forecasts.
  3. Normalizing reconstruction of financials to show the business earning power.
  4. Risk assessment, including a 10-factor company specific risk evaluation.
  5. Discount and capitalization rates that go into your business valuation calculations.

If you need a solid proof of business fair market value, use Business Market Value analysis worksheets to include the valuation multiples and business market value calculations into your Report Builder-generated document. This gives you a way to demonstrate what a business is worth based on a set of key financial factors:

  • Business gross revenues and net sales.
  • Gross profits.
  • Net income.
  • EBIT and EBITDA.
  • Discretionary cash flow.
  • Inventory.
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment.
  • Total business asset base.
  • Owners’ equity.

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