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Our customers ask us often: “what computer systems can I run ValuAdder software on?”

Our answer: any computer you like! This is no exaggeration – you can conduct your business appraisal using ValuAdder software on all versions of Windows, Apple MAC OS, Linux or Unix computer systems.

Industry-standard environment for business valuation software

How is this possible? The short answer is: Java. All ValuAdder software products are built on top of the industry-standard Java 6 computing platform. Invented by Sun Microsystems, Java has become the de-facto standard for enterprise quality software applications world-wide.

Enterprise valuation software quality for businesses large and small

It is used and supported by the Fortune 500 industry leaders including IBM, Oracle, HP, CISCO, Google, eBay and many others. Through the Open Source Java Community Process, Java stays on the cutting edge of software innovation and runs on millions of computers throughout the globe.

What does this mean to you? In short, the proven track record and quality business appraisal software that you can depend on regardless of your choice of a computer system to use.

Business valuation software quality you can rely on

The fact that Java is used by millions of business people gives you a proven platform on which to run your ValuAdder business valuation software tools. Thousands of software engineers contribute to continuous innovation to make Java the most secure, reliable and high performance way to do your business valuation analysis.

You get the same consistent performance and dependable results from ValuAdder whether you run the software on a leading edge Windows machine or earlier versions of Windows.

On a MAC OS X computer ValuAdder looks and behaves as a true Apple application – just as you would expect. And, of course, this includes the latest MAC OS X systems. Thank you, Apple engineering team, for making this possible!

Immediate help as you do your business valuation

State of the art software is nothing unless it offers help right when you need it. Your ValuAdder comes equipped with an extensive integrated Learning and  Information Center that leverages the power of the Java Help system.

This gives you two tools in one – a powerful business valuation analysis tool and a flexible learning system. Whether you are new to business appraisal or a seasoned veteran, ValuAdder adapts to make your task of valuing a business easier and more time efficient.

As computer systems evolve so does Java. We already have full Windows support – on the eve of the release of this new Windows system.

Business valuation tools that capture the spirit of innovation

As you work on a business appraisal using ValuAdder you are benefiting from the talent and dedication of a global community of software engineering professionals that made the Java software possible.

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