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Are you using a modern 64 bit computer system? Or do you work on both 32 and 64 bit machines?

Now you can use ValuAdder business valuation software on both types of computers – and get identical performance and accurate business appraisal results.

What makes this magic possible? ValuAdder leverages the Java computing platform to give you the business valuation system that automatically detects your computer’s capabilities to give you top performance.

Tools to determine business value – and maximize your return on investment

You can save time and money by using the same ValuAdder program on your Windows 64 bit systems.

Business valuation software that gives you peak performance

On a MAC computer, you can take full advantage of the MAC OS X system performance.

All this makes your ValuAdder business valuation tools a highly economical investment – you can run the same tools on any computer system and exchange your appraisal results across your entire network – or with clients who work on completely different computers – Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Unix!

For example, you can prepare a business appraisal for a client, then package the entire project using a ValuAdder Scenario, and email it to your client for review. While you may be doing your work on a Windows computer, your client can open and edit the scenario on an Apple MAC.

To make this possible, ValuAdder uses the standard XML format for data exchange.

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