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ValuAdder software development team has done it again: ValuAdder 5, our latest business valuation product, is now released for general availability!

Now in its fifth generation, ValuAdder has served over 15,000 business people and professional advisor customers world-wide.

Business valuation on a computer system of your choice

Combining the latest advances in business valuation methodology with the state-of-the-art Java 6 Open Source software technology, ValuAdder 5 is a new breed of business valuation solutions – working seamlessly on all Microsoft Windows, Apple MAC OS, Linux or Unix computer systems.

Much planning and development effort went into making ValuAdder 5 a truly outstanding business appraisal tool.

This 5th generaion product leverages the power of the industry-standard Java computing platform, modern Agile software development and rigorous testing to deliver the precision, stability and security unmatched by any valuation product in the market place.

The result is a full-featured business valuation system that is both powerful and accessible to both novice users and seasoned business valuation analysts.

You will find a set of standards compliant business valuation methods under the Asset, Income and Market approaches that is complemented by the essential tools for structuring a business acquisition and financial decision making – in a single product that delivers performance – at a remarkably affordable price.

Take just a brief look to convince yourself: ValuAdder 5 takes its unique blend of power and flexibility to a new level.

The new Start Tab Screen serves as your Command and Control Center offering instant suggestions on the valuation process, best practice method choices and techniques to organize and complete the business valuation projects in record time.

Our software engineers left no stone unturned

The updated implementation of the Multiple of Discretionary Earnings business valuation method offers real time assistance in risk factor assessment across 14 key financial and operational business performance areas.

The Discounted Cash Flow method supports both automatic and manual earnings forecast generation. The autocalculate feature enables rapid what-if scenario analysis.

Business valuation under the market approach is covered by the market data-driven Market Comps module which provides business value estimation across 420 industries.

ValuAdder features a standard implementation of the Treasury Method to determine the value of business goodwill.

The powerful financial recasting worksheets enable the systematic, highly accurate assessment of the business earning capacity and risk using the standard Build-Up and WACC cost of capital models.

The unique business appraisal system easy enough for the newcomer, powerful enough for the professional

Both new users and professional business appraisers will benefit from the extensive Learning and Information Center and Handbook that are integrated in ValuAdder 5.

Along with the fundamentals of business appraisal, these resources offer Tutorials of business valuation methods, explanations and time-saving examples of how to value a business or professional practice.

Best of breed valuation tools is but one part of the ValuAdder experience. Personal help from ValuAdder business analysts or technology experts is just a mouse click or phone call away.

ValuAdder 5 Business Valuation Tools

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