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With the summer 2012 release of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Apple has raised the bar on computer security. For you as a Mac user, the key piece of technology is Mac Gatekeeper.

As the name implies, Mac Gatekeeper’s role is to protect your laptop or desktop from malware attacks. Gatekeeper runs a number of security checks on any downloaded software. Before such software is allowed to access your Mac, Gatekeeper checks that:

  • The software is free of malware
  • The software is signed by a genuine Apple Identity certificate
  • The software has been correctly downloaded and the product integrity maintained

The result of these checks is that your Mac OS X computer will only run the software that is fully functional, free of security threats and comes from a software company clearly identified and recognized by Apple.

Business valuation apps for Mac

All software companies wishing to offer their products on Apple Mac computers must be accepted into the Apple Developer Program. They must obtain a unique Apple Identity certificate and sign their software with it.

Before Apple admits a software company as an authorized Apple Developer, a thorough check of the corporate identity and its good standing is performed. This is your assurance that the software product you are getting for your Mac comes from a legitimate source verified by Apple.

ValuAdder: secure business valuation software for your Mac

ValuAdder is proud to be an authorized Apple Developer. All ValuAdder for Mac products, including ValuAdder 7 business valuation software and Report Builder 3.0 are signed by a genuine Apple Identity certificate. It is your assurance that your Mac computer is safe and secure when you do your business valuation with ValuAdder products.

ValuAdder support on all current MacOS systems

Best of all, ValuAdder runs on all modern MacOS systems. As of now, this includes the latest MacOS Mojave.

ValuAdder Business Valuation Software

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