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Archive for May, 2013

One of the key business valuation techniques is comparing your business to recent sales of similar companies. This relies on the valuation multiples derived from business selling prices and financial performance measures of the companies sold. Usually, these multiples are based on the business earnings or asset values, e.g. revenues, discretionary cash flow, EBIT or… Continue Reading

Can a company value be established based on its gross receipts? In the language of business appraisal this question is addressed by the so-called market approach. Under this approach to valuation you are actually comparing your company to other similar businesses that have sold recently. You can do such comparison by reviewing the business selling… Continue Reading

Businesses may have a wide range of intangible assets at their disposal. One important type of such assets that tend to increase in value over time is databases and subscription lists. This is especially so if the lists are assembled one item at a time. Consider a customer database that grows as the business adds… Continue Reading