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The ValuAdder team has completed yet another major milestone in product design. The new ValuAdder 8 comes with all the tools and features business people and professional valuation experts would want in a modern business valuation system.

All new reporting system based on Open Source Scala software technology

A major addition to ValuAdder 8 is the all new reporting system. Using the leading edge Scala software development technology, ValuAdder engineers have created a truly powerful reporting engine. Each business valuation method and financial analysis tool in ValuAdder features a dedicated report. You can create a report with a mouse click as you do any calculation.

The report you produce has a clean, professional look, crisp design and high quality fonts. Data tables are laid out to enhance presentation.

Each report includes a helpful explanation of what the reported calculation is about and what each item means.

You can share your business valuation results in a number of ways: print it in any format you like, create an electronic copy in the PDF format or email the report for review by colleagues or clients.

All valuation multiples, discount and capitalization rates updated

In addition, there are critical updates you will find essential. All the parameters that make your business appraisal timely and relevant have been updated to match the current market conditions.

All ValuAdder software products, whether intended for a PC or Mac computer, are digitally signed to ensure security and integrity of your computers. This is especially important if you choose to download your software for immediate installation. The digital signature is verified prior to installing software by your Windows or Mac computer. This is your assurance that you get a product that is free of malware threats and performs as you expect.

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