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Archive for September, 2014

If you are an Apple Mac user, you would be pleased to know that Apple continues to lead the industry in providing the safest possible computing experience. With the latest OS X 10.9.5 update, Apple has begun to enforce the requirement that all apps be signed with the latest v2 Apple ID signature. In case… Continue Reading

Risk and return are two closely tied concepts that underlie valuation of any business asset. When an investor puts money into a business there is expectation of being paid at some future point in time. However, this expectation is not without risk – both of losing the investment and foregoing a better opportunity somewhere else.… Continue Reading

As a general rule, the legal system is not the best place to determine business value. Even so, the courts are often called upon to provide a definitive answer. This happens if the value of a business is a matter of dispute. Some common cases are divorce, gift or estate taxes or property tax situations.… Continue Reading