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Archive for June, 2016

By established convention, companies are usually valued on the business enterprise value basis. For publicly traded companies, this is the sum of the shareholders’ equity, less cash or cash equivalents, and the total value of debt. This represents the current value of the company regardless of the capital structure, i.e. what types of debt or… Continue Reading

Business people are sold on the usefulness of financial statement projections for company financial management purposes. Pro forma financials are the staple of corporate financial analysis. In addition, these pro forma projections form the basis for credit analysis and estimation of how much debt or equity financing the firm will need in the future. You… Continue Reading

You can value the entire business and calculate its value which includes all of its assets. This brings up a question, do individual business assets have value on their own? The answer depends upon the reason for valuation. Consider, as an example, a piece of machinery the business uses to produce its products. Chances are… Continue Reading