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Software apps for business valuation are mainstream these days. So are the ways they can be delivered to your computer. The best known is, of course, the immediate download. You choose your valuation tools, breeze through the secure checkout and, bingo, the software is downloaded and installed on your PC or Mac in a couple of minutes.

For those business people who prefer the added assurance of a physical distribution medium, CDs have been the traditional way to go. Combining the immediate download with a CD shipped in the mail is the best of both worlds. You get your valuation tools on your computer right away, then the CD arrives days later so you can install the app on any additional computers you use.

Here is the new catch: these days laptops, tablets, and even desktops no longer come with built-in DVD drives. Instead, just about any PC or Mac computer sports a number of USB ports. The ubiquitous connectors let you hook up any peripheral under the sun, including the external DVD drives.

Lugging such an external drive is a bother to most users though. Enter the USB drive. Super-fast flash memory, configurable for any operating system out there, storing gigabytes of data, what more could you wish for?

Installing your business valuation software from a USB drive is a snap – it’s about as fast as installing from your main computer drive and faster by far than any Cloud storage. Unlike CDs, USB drives can be reused, easily pack into a purse or even a wallet.

Use both the traditional USB-A and the newer USB-C ports on your computers? No sweat. Dual p0rted USB drives are ready to help you. This way, you can easily move across a number of computers, no matter the USB connector type.

ValuAdder software now comes three ways:

  • Immediate download – practically no wait time.
  • Traditional CD – arrives in a few days.
  • Dual ported USB-A and USB-C drive.

While the world is yours with the USB drive technology – whether on mobile devices or powerful workstations, the only downside is losing or mislaying your USB drive. So far, there is no ‘find my USB drive’ feature that sends you the happy tidings in a message to your smartphone.

Next generation, I guess. Have faith.

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