Valuation Multiples Explained

Business Valuation Multiples are ratios that relate the business value to some measure of its financial performance.

Valuation Multiples from Business Sale Comps × Your Business Financials = Your Business Value

These ratios are statistically derived from sales of similar companies. Some of the more common valuation multiples are:

You can select any number of valuation multiples to determine the value of a company.

For example, to calculate the business value based on its gross revenue:

  1. Take the price to gross revenue multiple.
  2. Multiply it by the current business revenue.

The result is the business value estimate.

How to use the multiples for business price estimation

ValuAdder Market Comps tool gives you a set of valuation multiples derived from comparable business sales by industry sector.

Each sector is identified by its SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) and NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) codes.