How to value a business?

Business valuation resources to help you.

If you advise business clients, own a business or plan to buy one, having a solid understanding of what the business is worth is essential to address the most challenging questions you are likely to face:

  • How do my partners and I agree on what our shares of the business are worth?
  • Can we appraise the business and avoid a legal battle?
  • Will the tax authorities or courts accept my business valuation results?
  • What is the right asking price for my business?
  • What offer price and terms ensure my business purchase makes financial sense?
  • Can I convince the lender that my business is worth enough to raise the loan I need?
  • How do I pitch my company to savvy investors and raise the money without giving away the business?

Now there is help that you have been looking for – offers a wealth of business valuation resources online.

Business Valuation Guide

Take advantage of the ValuAdder Business Valuation Guide written for business people and professional advisors. Level the playing field by discovering the secrets used by professional business appraisers and brokers – and see how to value any business three ways:

  1. Based on the business income and risk
  2. Business assets
  3. Comparisons to similar business sales

Ever wonder what separates successful business acquisitions from dismal failures? See how to structure your business selling price and terms that make sound financial sense – and keep the owners from going broke.

Business Valuation Glossary

Check the ValuAdder Business Valuation Glossary for definitions of confusing terms used by business appraisers, brokers and legal professionals.

There are plenty of explanations and examples to help you – whether you are valuing a business yourself or reading a professional business appraisal report.

Business Valuation Blog

Have a pressing question on how to value a business or put together an acquisition deal? Check ValuAdder Business Valuation Blog to find tips and advice on how to value a business in your industry, what business valuation methods and tools to use, and how to respond to challenges to your business valuation numbers.

Business Valuation Resources

Looking for professional help with valuing a business? Check ValuAdder Business Valuation Resources for links to professional business appraisal and broker organizations, business appraisal standards accepted by courts and tax authorities, find the right professional and more.

With so much at stake – avoid costly mistakes and see how to find out what your business is worth!