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I love this ValuAdder program! It has fine-tuned my approach and has helped me consolidate my presentation to my clients through my CPA tax practice.
Steven M, CPA, Colorado

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All Business Valuation Methods Included

Comprehensive business valuation under the three standard approaches—Asset, Income, and Market—using proven valuation methods supported by the major appraisal standards: USPAP Standard 9, AICPA SSVS No. 1 (VS Section 100), and IVS.

Capitalized Earnings

Calculate business value based on the earnings estimate and capitalization rate.

Capitalized Excess Earnings

Use the classical Treasury Method to calculate the value of business goodwill and total business value.

Discounted Cash Flow

Determine the value of any business based on its earning power and risk.

Market Comps

Price the business using comparable business sales by industry. Calculate the business price range, average, and median values.

Multiple of Discretionary Earnings

Create a comprehensive business appraisal based on business earnings and a set of key financial and operational value drivers.

Net Present Value

Screen business investment projects and pick the winners by using the Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return calculations.

All Key Valuation Data Included

Cost of capital data to calculate your discount and capitalization rates based on the standard build-up model.

See what's included
  • Risk-free rates of return based on the US Treasury yields.
  • Equity risk premium based on S&P 500 index returns.
  • Industry risk premia across all industry sectors.
  • Company size risk premia covering all company sizes.
  • Company-specific risk premium (CSRP) assessment based on 10 key performance criteria.
  • Regional risk premia to run valuations anywhere in the world!
  • DLOM and minority discounts to value partner ownership interests in privately owned companies.

Industry-specific valuation multiples based on comparable businesses, by SIC and NAICS codes.

What are valuation multiples?

One-click WACC calculation based on your company's capital structure.

What is WACC?

Tools & Features Included

Deal structuring tools

Use the Deal Check calculation to create business purchase offers, verify the offer terms, and construct effective counter-offers. Maximize your selling price while making sure that business cash flow supports your deal terms.

Use the Future Value calculation to calculate the value of any appreciating asset, such as business-owned real estate. Account for capital improvements during the holding period.

Use the Loan Schedule and Discounted Cash Flow calculations to quickly determine the cash value of any seller-financed deal.

ValuAdder - constructing and verifying the business purchase offer terms

Adjusted Present Value tool

Run the Adjusted Present Value calculation to see the benefits of debt financing for business investment and company acquisition projects. Account for the risk of potential financial distress. See the difference between the unlevered company value and debt-financed scenarios to make fact based decisions.

Adjusted Present Value

Financial analysis tools

Run the Net Present Value (NPV) analysis to screen investment opportunities.

Determine the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to spot promising investment projects.

Determine the Future Value (FV) of proposed investments.

Net Present Value

Financial adjustment & forecasting worksheets

Get the exact business valuation inputs by adjusting the company’s Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

Use the worksheets to determine available business cash flow.

Easily create accurate financial forecasts for business valuation.

Assess business risk by building up the discount rate.

Determine the business’ long-term (terminal) value and capitalization rate.

Apply lack of marketability and minority discounts to value partial business ownership interests in partner buyout and other situations.

Financial statement recasting worksheets

Support for what-if valuation scenarios

Explore any number of valuation scenarios to test your assumptions. Run several what-if business valuation scenarios side by side. Fine-tune your inputs to refine your results. Save time with ValuAdder Autocalculate™ technology, which performs calculations as you type.

A demonstration of a “what-if” scenario with the Discounted Cash Flow calculation.

Employee stock option valuation

Determine the value of executive stock options using the powerful Binomial Model. Estimate company stock volatility based on historic returns. Comply with key financial reporting standards including Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Statement 123 R.

Learning and Information Center

ValuAdder includes a complete electronic and printable copy of the Business Valuation Handbook.

Access essential information on business valuation concepts, tools, and techniques in the Business Valuation Guide. Gain insight into the business valuation approaches and methods with extensive Tutorials. Consult the Glossary for key business valuation terms and definitions. Find quick business valuation tips and answers using the powerful search engine. Refer to the concise How‑To sections as you do your business valuation.

Business Valuation Handbook

200 pages of must-have information from the Learning and Information Center in book format. Enjoy the convenience of a hands-on business valuation reference. Easily exported from ValuAdder as a print-ready PDF document.

Create summary reports with a mouse click

Use the ValuAdder Reports menu to create quick PDF reports for each valuation or financial calculation you use.

Finished with your business valuation? Consider creating a formal business appraisal report with our Report Builder (sold separately).

Tab interface for quick calculations

Choose any business valuation method with a click of the mouse. Switch between the calculation Tabs quickly to cross-check your results.

Data input & export that saves time

Easily input key business valuation factors and financials. Save your business valuation on your computer or network, then re-open your valuation work in ValuAdder on any other computer to continue where you left off. Email your business valuation conclusions in time for review or negotiation.

No recurring subscription fees — no strings attached

Pay once and create an unlimited number of business valuations. Steer clear of overpriced subscription services that keep charging you over and over. No recurring fees or use restrictions. Easy-to-use setup program installs ValuAdder business valuation software on your computer. Use ValuAdder with or without an Internet connection.

Valuation in the Cloud

Use your Cloud storage. Install ValuAdder tools on your computers. Run your valuation projects from your computers anywhere, anytime.

Protect your and your clients’ data

ValuAdder keeps your sensitive business data under lock and key by performing your valuations on your own computers and network. Avoid handing out mission critical business or client data to Web-based business valuation services — who resell it right behind your back.

ValuAdder is secured by an Extended Validation (EV) digital certificate, which your Mac® or Windows® PC verifies (using Gatekeeper or SmartScreen® technology, respectively) when you download it. This ensures that your copy of ValuAdder is as intact and malware-free as the original copy housed on our secure servers.

Business Valuation With ValuAdder

Start with the company’s financial statements such as the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet.

Assess the business’ earning power and risk by making adjustments to the financial statements.

Import your data into ValuAdder with a mouse click.

Choose the business valuation methods.

Calculate the business value.

Check the validity of the business valuation result.

Customize each valuation project to meet your needs. Choose the valuation methods in ValuAdder that best match your particular project, simple or complex.

Create a quick estimate of business value or a full scope standards compliant business appraisal.

This remarkable tool has far exceeded my expectations, and I continue to be amazed as I uncover new features.
Terrel T, Business Consultant, Idaho

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