Valuation for the Business Buyer and Investor

Tools to find, price, and buy the right business

As a buyer your success depends on identifying the acquisition targets that meet your investment objectives and making the right decisions – every step of the way.

Knowledge plus capable business valuation and deal structuring tools put you ahead in the competitive game of business buying. You must act quickly and decisively to get the target business off the market with a compelling offer. Then proceed with confidence through your due diligence and closing.

Make your search more effective

Quickly qualify your business acquisition targets by using a set of standard business valuation methods. Use ValuAdder to easily handle financial data found in typical business-for-sale ads and offering memorandums.

Weed out overpriced non-starters

Check what other buyers are paying for similar businesses by using valuation multiples by industry. Available in the ValuAdder Market Comps tool, based on in-depth analysis of business sale comparables.

Spot good deals instantly and focus early on promising acquisition targets. Use Deal Check to rapidly create business purchase proposals with sufficient cash flow to ensure your success.

The business seller wanted twice what was calculated by ValuAdder software, but after I showed him the results of your program, he was willing to sell the business at the value calculated by ValuAdder. Thank you. I saved $180K.
Bob J, Business Buyer, Maryland

Perform quick and precise valuation

Appraise the business from many angles using the proven Multiple of Discretionary Earnings valuation method, with 14 key value factors. See what drives business value.

Avoid costly mistakes

Identify viable deal structure scenarios using Deal Check. Account for your working capital and capital investments when computing the cash flow required to make the business purchase work.

Put together a successful business purchase

Explore deal structure scenarios with Deal Check and construct a deal that covers all your needs, including your compensation, affordable downpayment, capital required to run the business, and attractive acquisition financing terms. Let ValuAdder automatically account for the standard debt service coverage ratio used by lenders when approving business acquisition loans.

Handle negotiations with confidence

Use the powerful and precise Discounted Cash Flow and versatile Deal Check calculations in business negotiation meetings, when going through your due diligence check list, or consulting acquisition professionals.

No time for lengthy analysis — as new details become available, use ValuAdder to quickly reassess the price and terms of the deal.

Communicate effectively to accomplish your goals

Quickly learn and apply essential business valuation and acquisition concepts available in the ValuAdder Learning and Information Center. Communicate with confidence and authority with business owners, brokers, and professional advisors to achieve your goals.