Business Valuation for the Business Owner

Calculate business value. Increase business worth. Maximize your price.

ValuAdder gives you a set of professional business valuation tools and expert advice on how to use them for:

Determine the fair market value of your business

See what a private business is worth by using the Market Comps by industry, available in ValuAdder. Based on the in-depth analysis of over 20,000 sales of privately owned businesses, the Market Comps let you quickly see what the buyers are paying for businesses similar to yours.

Increase your business value – and selling price

See how the value of your business is defined by its earnings and a set of key value drivers. Identify high impact opportunities for increasing your business worth by using the 14 key value factors available in the time-tested Multiple of Discretionary Earnings valuation. Make these changes before putting the business on the market, attract a lot of qualified buyer interest, and justify the much higher selling price.

Value your business based on its earning power

Impress the serious buyer by using the power and precision of the Discounted Cash Flow method. Input your cash flow projections directly, and let ValuAdder show what the buyer gets for paying your price.

Determine the value of business goodwill

Show that your business is worth more than its asset base. Use the classical Treasury Method to calculate the value of business goodwill and total company value.

I did extensive research on the Internet prior to purchasing your ValuAdder software. Your product was the best I could find and well worth the money.
Karl R, Business Owner, Wisconsin

Put together a deal that meets your objectives

Qualify serious offers quickly with ValuAdder. Use the Deal Check calculation to account for all the parts that make a sound business acquisition deal. Factor in the working capital and capital investments needed to run the business. Check the downpayment, note, and loan terms.

Let ValuAdder automatically account for the standard debt service coverage — used by lenders for business acquisition loan approvals. Show the buyer that the business throws off plenty of cash flow.

Make more money through seller financing

Define the deal terms that get the serious buyer’s attention using the Deal Check, Discounted Cash Flow, and Loan Schedule calculations in ValuAdder. Quickly check various seller’s note terms.

Discount the note income to see what it makes you in present day dollars. See how you make thousands more with a higher selling price, seller’s note interest income, and deferred taxes on the business sale gains.

Communicate effectively to accomplish your goals

Quickly learn and apply essential small business buying and valuation concepts available in the ValuAdder Learning and Information Center. Communicate with confidence and authority with business buyers, brokers, and professional advisors to achieve your goals.