Since 2004, ValuAdder has helped over 15,000 business people and professional advisers world-wide. We are privileged to be a part of their success story.

I love this ValuAdder program! It has fine-tuned my approach and has helped me consolidate my presentation to my clients through my CPA tax practice where business valuation is required.

It also has allowed me to develop invaluable tools I use to identify inefficiencies in my clients’ business operations by extrapolating from their business decisions how these might impact business value using different what-if scenarios. This has added value to my services and has created an incredibly lucrative and fantastically fun and interesting additional component to my practice! Thanks!

Steven M, CPA, Colorado

Your ValuAdder program was very helpful. This Wednesday I am purchasing a business based upon the numbers generated by your Earnings Multiple valuation tool. The business seller wanted twice what was calculated by ValuAdder software but after I showed him the results of your program he was willing to sell the business at the value calculated by ValuAdder. Thank you I saved $180K.

Bob J, Business Buyer, Maryland

I have been doing a lot more valuations and finding the ValuAdder program and Report Builder a major asset.

John S, Business Broker, CBI, M&AMI, BCI, BVS, Florida

I wanted to thank you very much. I made valuable use of the ValuAdder software and Report Builder to prepare my first substantial valuation. I have prepared others, all were start-up companies in the very early stages.

The ValuAdder Software and related Business Valuation Handbook proved very instrumental in helping me understand the valuation process. I was able to input different values and play with the numbers. The software was a huge help to me in understanding the Build Up Method of developing the Discount and Capitalization Rates.

I did use other resources as well, but your tools helped me put my understanding all together.

Thanks again for the use of all of those tools. It proved to be worth the investment.

Dan L, CPA, California

Perfect. Really like the program. It has helped my clients big time.

Neal D, Business Advisor, British Columbia

I did extensive research on the Internet prior to purchasing your ValuAdder software. Your product was the best I could find, and well worth the money.

Karl R, Business Owner, Wisconsin