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Businesses recognize the value of contracts if they offer advantages in terms of lower operating expenses, competitive position, or critical asset retention for some period of time. Consider the important types often seen in successful companies: Leases of business premises. Supplier and other vendor agreements. Employment contracts with key staff members. Licensing rights. Franchise agreements.… Continue Reading

When business appraisals come under the scrutiny of courts, lawyers on both sides reach out to appraisers to testify as expert witnesses. Who gets selected? Usually, attorneys tend to pick the professionals who offered such expert opinions in court before. But how does an appraiser get selected for the first time? Clearly, an attorney decides… Continue Reading

If you do business valuations internationally, it is a good idea to find out what the International Valuation Standards (IVS) have to say about the choice of methods. The standards are accepted for business valuation across the globe these days. In some countries the IVS is the de-factor national standard for asset valuations. One key… Continue Reading

Capitalized earnings valuation method pops up all the time in appraisals of just about any income producing asset – commercial real estate, businesses, or any other valuable asset. What makes the capitalized earnings method so popular? So what makes this valuation method so popular? In short, simplicity and wide acceptance by the valuation professionals, courts,… Continue Reading