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Valuing a civil engineering firm in the heavy construction industry? Some sector statistics to consider: There are over 32,600 establishments in this highly competitive industry in the USA alone. Together these companies generate about $256.3 billion in annual revenues. And the average civil engineering firm makes some $7.8 million in sales per year employing about… Continue Reading

If you are considering a dental practice appraisal, here are some interesting industry statistics: There are over 133,000 privately owned dental practices in the US alone, classified under the SIC 8021 and NAICS 6212. Dental practices are a large part of health services and generate around $104B in annual revenues growing annually at 11.6%.  Yet an average dental practice is… Continue Reading

Before starting with your food distributor valuation, consider these industry statistics: In the US there are currently over 2,600 such businesses classified under SIC code 5149 and NAICS 42441. Food wholesalers generate a combined annual revenue of $160B. The industry employs over 132,000 people. The average food products distributor makes over $61M in sales with… Continue Reading

If you take a look at ValuAdder software online tour, you will notice that the Market Comps tool covers 425 industry sectors. That means that ValuAdder has comparative business sales data across all these sectors. They cover all major industries including: Business and personal services Retail Wholesale and distribution Food and drink industry Automotive Manufacturing… Continue Reading

Car rental companies are ubiquitous at airports, inner cities, suburbs near auto dealerships. Temporary transportation has become so important that the industry has grown by leaps and bounds. In fact there are over 6,300 such companies in the US and their number is growing at about 28% every five years. The industry generates combined revenues… Continue Reading

Physical therapy services are a large part of the health care industry. Currently, there are some 34,300 physical therapy clinics in the US classified under SIC 8049 and NAICS 62134 industry classification codes. As a health care industry sector, these businesses generate over $24.5B in annual sales. There are just over 309,000 professional therapists and… Continue Reading

Are you considering valuation of a commercial building contractor firm? Check out these industry statistics: There are some 38,000 commercial and institutional construction companies, classified under the SIC code 1541 and NAICS 236220. These construction firms generate a combined $372.5B in annual revenues. The industry sector employs an impressive 654,178 of professional and administrative staff,… Continue Reading