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Each year CPA Practice Advisor asks its accounting professional readers about their choice of software products. The survey results show what CPAs prefer when it comes to handling challenging projects in their practice. The 2021 Readers’ Choice Award for business valuation software was a major win for ValuAdder. 2021 was an exceptional year as the… Continue Reading

So what is a universal app for a Mac? You may have heard – Apple is in the process of transitioning to its own processor design. That’s right, Apple has decided to ditch Intel and go with their own silicon. What does it mean to you as a Mac user? Well, software apps you have… Continue Reading

By popular demand from our customers, we have added this gem of a valuation method to an already extensive selection of tools available in ValuAdder software. Normalize your financial statements to get ready for valuation ValuAdder financial worksheets always gave you the ability to run the Capitalized Earnings valuations. First, you go through the financial… Continue Reading

It goes without saying that in business valuation time is money. Moreover, a typical business appraisal is no walk in the park. So being able to quickly organize and speed up your work translates into big savings. Given the choices in valuation approaches and methods, you need to review and revise your assumptions quickly. So… Continue Reading

Business valuation software for your Mac evolves all the time. Both the capital markets and technology shifts demand this constant change. Take our ValuAdder for example.  We publish regular updates to the valuation data, new technology that comes online, and, perhaps most importantly, data security updates. Mac business valuation software keeps changing Software that is… Continue Reading

Apple ups the ante again on the security front. All MacOS software apps require notarization. That’s in addition to the Apple Developer ID code signing your MacOS system already checks to identify the software products and their developers as reputable and safe. Apple demands independent software notarization Why this additional security requirement? Apple uses notarization… Continue Reading

A business appraisal is a serious project. Making sure clients understand what to expect is something you would want to handle with care. Spelling out what happens each step of the way can save you some grief down the road. Consider just some possible situations that could lead to client disappointment. Let’s say you prepare… Continue Reading

Before setting out on a valuation of a retail pharmacy, consider these industry stats: Just in the US alone there are over 42,000 pharmacy businesses classified under SIC code 5912 and NAICS 44611. As an industry group these companies generate a total of $202B in annual revenues. The industry sector employs some 815,000 staff. The… Continue Reading

One of the key assumptions made for any business appraisal is the premise of value. Depending on the circumstances surrounding business valuation the results may differ greatly. By far the most common assumption for valuing a business is that it will continue operating in the foreseeable future as a going concern. However, there are situations… Continue Reading

Before you can apply business valuation methods, you should determine the level of cash flows generated by the company. The question here is what cash flow? For the purposes of business appraisal, the net cash flow is the typical choice. Here is its definition: Net income, after tax Plus depreciation and amortization Plus tax affected… Continue Reading

Before you can use any method for business valuation you need to prepare a number of key inputs that the methods require. Usually, you would start your analysis with a set of the typical business financial statements such as its income statements and balance sheets. But the accounting financial statements are just a starting point.… Continue Reading

You may be aware that market comparisons are a common tool to value private businesses. Not surprisingly, this methodology gets a full coverage in ValuAdder business valuation software. In fact, the ValuAdder Market Comps tools use a combination of the industry-standard Comparative Transaction and Guideline Public Company methods under the market approach. This gives you… Continue Reading

Looking beyond the support for the USPAP and AICPA SSVS No 1 standards? ValuAdder team has added compliance with the International Valuation Standards (IVS) to our flagship business valuation and reporting solutions, ValuAdder and Report Builder. IVS adoption as the national business valuation standard The IVS have become the national valuation standards in Australia, New… Continue Reading