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Apple ups the ante again on the security front. All MacOS software apps require notarization. That’s in addition to the Apple Developer ID code signing your MacOS system already checks to identify the software products and their developers as reputable and safe.

Apple demands independent software notarization

Why this additional security requirement? Apple uses notarization as an extra security check of software products distributed to Mac users. Out of an abundance of caution and concern for Mac customers, Apple set up the notarization procedure.  It scans the software products for potential threats such as malware, before the products can run on customers’ computers.

Apple’s notarization stamp of approval

As a result, the software that is Apple Developer ID signed and notarized bears the stamp of approval from Apple.  And the stamp shows that the product comes from a software developer known to Apple and thus safe to use on your Mac.

To achieve this feat of app security, Apple scans the software. In particular, it looks for malicious content and checks if the software is signed correctly.  And if no trouble is found Apple generates a ticket. Now the publisher such as ValuAdder can attach the ticked as an electronic stamp before distributing the app to the Mac customers.

Added Mac security for your peace of mind

As you may know, Mac computers feature a security component Apple calls the Gatekeeper. This technology checks each and every one of the software products you decide to install on your Mac.

First, your Mac checks out the Apple Developer ID signature on your new software product. Next, the Gatekeeper verifies the existing notarization tickets to see if the product is free of data security threats. Only then does your Mac display the friendly dialog window to help you launch the app and start using your new software.

As a Mac user, you get additional protection. First, the software worthy of your Mac must come from the developers who participate in the Apple Developer program. Moreover, Apple must independently confirm it as safe before releasing it to you.

ValuAdder software scanned and notarized by Apple

What does the green light we got from Apple mean? That you can confidently start using the ValuAdder software. For your protection, we signed ValuAdder software by the Apple ID certificate.  And Apple notarized it directly as safe for your Mac. Enjoy!