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Business valuation software for your Mac evolves all the time. Both the capital markets and technology shifts demand this constant change.

Take our ValuAdder for example.  We publish regular updates to the valuation data, new technology that comes online, and, perhaps most importantly, data security updates.

Mac business valuation software keeps changing

Software that is just a couple of years old may well be completely out of date. Especially when it comes to both its functional capabilities and latest security support.

If you are a Mac user, this should sound familiar. Apple has set the pace of yearly upgrades for its flagship MacOS computer operating system. Each and every year, Your Mac greets you with a new upgrade message.

Throughout the year, Apple pushes out regular updates. And they include data security enhancements needed to protect your Mac against cyber crooks. This is one reason Macs are generally very resistant to malware attacks.

This, of course, assumes that you keep up with your Mac updates and stay on the Apple’s MacOS upgrade roadmap. But here’s the rub.

Keeping up with Apple MacOS upgrades is a must

After a while, Apple ages out vintage Macs. So there comes a time when you can no longer install the newest MacOS system on your dated machine.  As a result, you need to upgrade your Mac computer hardware. Admittedly, this may set you back a few bucks. But the alternative does not look not very palatable.  Because Apple eventually drops the support of outdated Macs and your computer becomes exposed to potential online attacks.

Apple constantly ups the ante when it comes to data security. Starting with MacOS 10.15 Catalina, all software apps must be notarized by Apple directly. This is in addition to the already very stringent protection you get from the Apple ID code signing requirement.

All out to protect your Mac – Apple ID code signing, apps notarized by Apple

What this means in practice is this: all software apps you get for your Mac must come from the Apple authorized software developers. The developers must use their Apple-issued code signing certificates to stamp the apps digitally. Moreover, before the app is allowed to be installed and run on your Mac, Apple scans and stamps it with a notarization ticket to ensure it is safe to use.

The secret sauce – Gatekeeper inside your Mac

The secret weapon your Mac uses to check the validity of the software app and its safety is called Gatekeeper. Before the app gets the green light for installation, your Mac’s Gatekeeper technology swings into action contacting Apple to verify the code signing signature and notarization ticket. Only if both check out does your Mac continue with the installation.

Say goodbye to malware

Cyber criminals cannot breach Apple’s distributed app security systems – any alteration of the software is flagged by Apple during the pre-installation check of the code signature and notarization ticket. Your Mac stays safe!

All this is seamlessly integrated into your Mac and works as long as you keep up with the current Apple updates. If you are a dedicated Mac user, you got to take the good with the bad – latest updates, assurance of your Mac’s data security that come with the cost of springing for a new Mac once in a while.

ValuAdder software Apple ID code signed and notarized by Apple

No surprises there.