ValuAdder Business Valuation Blog

It goes without saying that in business valuation time is money. Moreover, a typical business appraisal is no walk in the park. So being able to quickly organize and speed up your work translates into big savings.

Given the choices in valuation approaches and methods, you need to review and revise your assumptions quickly. So it is important to have the right tools for a specific engagement and get through the ‘number crunching’ fast.

Choose your valuation tools with a mouse click

Imagine the tool that lets you choose just the valuation methods you need for each project, work up your normalizing adjustments to the subject company’s financials, and crank out the business valuation results immediately.

What about those financial models and earnings forecasts you have developed in your favorite spreadsheet? It would be really nice to reuse them instead of re-typing all the details over and over! Time is money indeed.

Run sophisticated what-if scenarios

And how about exploring what-if scenarios where you can tweak valuation method inputs and immediately see the effect on business value? And then being able to compare the results side by side?

Well, we have heard this and much more from ValuAdder customers over the years. Unsurprisingly, ValuAdder software sports a number of time saving features you are sure to appreciate.

Consider the ability to export the financial statement data and discount rate build up into the familiar Excel spreadsheet format. You can link your external financial models for the subject company to drive the earnings forecast and complete the financial adjustments in a few key strokes.

Financial info in any format you want

Want to change the format of the Income Statement? No problem. Insert additional line items, review the normalizing adjustments. The earnings bases such as Net Cash Flow (NCF) or Seller’s Discreationary Earnings (SDE) are calculated for you.

Need graphs, charts, additional analysis calculations? Bring it on – ValuAdder worksheets let you do all this and much more.

Building up your discount and capitalization rates is a breeze: choose the company size, industry sector and country, then calculate the equity discount rate as well as the WACC  cost of capital with a mouse click.

As you make your selections, ValuAdder pre-calculates all the inputs the standard business valuation methods require.

For each scenario you consider, you can create a highly relevant earnings forecast and risk assessment. Click on the Import Data button in your ValuAdder software and all the valuation methods are created for you with your numbers already inserted to run the valuation calculations instantly.

Review the results of each valuation method, make finishing touches as needed and get down to writing your business valuation report. Or you may choose to create summary reports for each calculation to share with the client or colleagues.

Run your valuations on a Windows PC or Mac

Working on a PC and Mac? Not a problem – all the scenarios you create can be used by the ValuAdder software on either computer system.

For example, if you do your projects on  a Mac and use iCloud storage, just save the project files in a folder, then access the documents from any other computer and pick up right where you left off. To make sure you can run your valuations regardless of the computer system, we offer both Mac and Windows versions of ValuAdder software and other products.