Business Valuation Report Builder

Easily prepare professional business valuation reports.

Finally! A powerful way to present your business valuation results - to your clients, business partners, business buyers and owners, investors and lenders.

Two steps to create your report

  1. Perform your business valuation.
    We recommend ValuAdder® Business Valuation Tools. Sold separately.
  2. Create a business valuation report using the Report Builder.

The Result:

A highly relevant report for each client – as required by the key business valuation reporting standards:

I have been doing a lot more valuations and finding the ValuAdder program and Report Builder a major asset.
John S, Business Broker, CBI, M&AMI, BCI, BVS, Florida

Your Report Builder includes:

  • Report Creator which produces an unlimited number of customizable report templates.
  • User’s Guide which shows you how to develop professional business valuation reports quickly and effectively.
  • Extensive Comments which suggest the editorial changes you can make to complete your report.
  • Automatic Fill-In of common details including the client and business names, date of business appraisal and appraiser credentials.

Requirements & Recommendations

Report Builder runs on:

In addition, all versions of the Report Builder require Microsoft® Office Word 2007 or newer.

We recommend ValuAdder® Business Valuation Software to perform your business valuation calculations. Sold separately.