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If you do your work on an Apple Mac computer, you may have heard the big news – the latest Mac OS X Lion version of the operating system has been released on July 20, 2011. Packing over 250 new features that enhance your productivity, Mac Lion is sure to impress the most demanding users.… Continue Reading

ValuAdder engineering and marketing experts have teamed together to hit a major milestone right on schedule – the release of our latest business valuation software – ValuAdder V5.5. Completely reviewed, updated and current for 2011, ValuAdder V5.5 gives you a powerful, easy-to-use yet comprehensive business valuation system. The entire product has been fine-tuned to help… Continue Reading

To complement the support for the USPAP and AICPA SSVS No 1 standards, the ValuAdder team has added compliance with the International Valuation Standards (IVS) to our flagship business valuation and reporting solutions, ValuAdder 5 and Report Builder 3. IVS adoption as the national business valuation standard Adoption of the IVS as the national valuation… Continue Reading

Yet another key milestone for the ValuAdder team – the latest version of the Business Valuation Report Builder tool has been released. Comply with all major business appraisal standards Just in time for the upcoming publication of the International Valuation Standards in September 2010, Report Builder V3.0 incorporates a number of important changes aimed at… Continue Reading

Over the recent years we have compiled a wealth of resources on private business valuation and made them freely available to business people and professional advisors like yourself right on this website. Determining the value of private businesses and professional practices has always been a challenge – both for business people and professionals. Despite the… Continue Reading

ValuAdder software development team has done it again: ValuAdder 5, our latest business valuation product, is now released for general availability! Now in its fifth generation, ValuAdder has served over 15,000 business people and professional advisor customers world-wide. Business valuation on a computer system of your choice Combining the latest advances in business valuation methodology… Continue Reading

If you are valuing a business and need to share your results with others, a professionally done business valuation report is a must. To be taken seriously, your business appraisal report needs to be thorough, transparent and follow a set of established guidelines other business people expect. We have just released the new Business Valuation… Continue Reading

We put a lot of work into our business valuation products – so that you can stay ahead of the latest economic changes. If you need an accurate, defensible business appraisal, the latest release of ValuAdder 4.5 gives you the tools for the job: A set of business valuation methods based on all three approaches: Asset, Income, and Market. A streamlined… Continue Reading

The tradition continues – our customers ask and ValuAdder delivers: the latest release of our business valuation software gives you all the tools you need to value a business or professional practice. What is new in ValuAdder 4.0.6 We have increased the coverage in ValuAdder business valuation Rules of Thumb to 410 industries. Every Rule… Continue Reading

One of the greatest strengths of ValuAdder business valuation software is that it evolves continuously to respond to our customer needs. Our latest product release, ValuAdder V4.0.5 is no exception – by popular demand we have added the following new features: Business valuation Rules of Thumb Tab now provides the standard SIC and NAICS industry classification codes… Continue Reading

ValuAdder raises the bar once again on business valuation software with the latest V4.0 edition. Now in its 4th generation, ValuAdder has helped thousands of small business people and professional advisors world-wide to determine the value of their businesses and structure successful business acquisitions. The secret of success? Listening to our customer needs, using the… Continue Reading

If you plan to buy or sell an online business, you will be glad to know that the market for privately owned Web based companies is alive and well. In addition to many individual business buyers, Internet businesses often attract larger players – corporate buyers and private equity investors. Such business buyers can pay a premium… Continue Reading

AICPA has finally done it! After years of work, the latest Statement on Standards for Valuation Services (SSVS No. 1) has been adopted as of January 1, 2008. While upholding the substance of the earlier USPAP business valuation and reporting standards, SSVS No.1 introduces several new definitions and requirements for professionally prepared business appraisals. Business… Continue Reading

If you need to present your business valuation results in a professional appraisal report format, you will find that the newly released Business Valuation Report Builder V2.0™ is the tool for the job. Professional business valuation reports that comply with the USPAP standards  Starting with a 40+ page report template in the familiar Microsoft® Office Word format, the Report… Continue Reading

Another ValuAdder milestone completed – we have just released ValuAdder V3.5.7. In addition to a number of performance enhancements, we have focused on the key step in your business valuation: financial statement reconstruction. In valuing a business, the historic financial statements are a starting point. To get an accurate business valuation, you need to adjust… Continue Reading