ValuAdder Business Valuation Blog

Over the recent years we have compiled a wealth of resources on private business valuation and made them freely available to business people and professional advisors like yourself right on this website.

Determining the value of private businesses and professional practices has always been a challenge – both for business people and professionals.

Despite the existence of valuation standards and free data sources of comparable business sales some business people are unaware of these essential resources.

Business appraisal frequently involves judgment calls that are difficult to grasp even for the seasoned analyst. Often the explanation of the terms and methods used in a business appraisal lacks clarity leaving advisors and business people frustrated and confused.

By using the ValuAdder Resource Center you can now gain full understanding of the valuation fundamentals and find the information you need at your own pace. The Resource Center is organized to make this easy and efficient:

Business Valuation Glossary

Here you will find plenty of concise, clear definitions and explanations covering all aspects of business valuation.

Business Valuation Guide

See explanations of the valuation essentials along with examples of using a number of standard methods.

List of Authoritative References

Your will find references to the appraisal standards bodies, sources of business sales data, government resources and professional associations. Helps quickly locate the information you need for valuation engagements, business self-appraisal and effective use of valuation services.

Business Valuation Blog

Take advantage of practical business appraisal examples across a number of industries. There is extensive discussion of valuation techniques and suggestions on best practices that shed the much needed light on the complex appraisal process.

Created for both the business person and seasoned valuation professional, ValuAdder Resource Center is conceived as a go-to reference that:

  • Provides you with a thorough yet accessible coverage of the valuation process, accepted methodologies and situations that call for business appraisal.
  • Assists you in making the informed choices of which business valuation approaches and tools to use.
  • Helps you avoid the unnecessary expense of buying information that is otherwise freely available.