ValuAdder Business Valuation Blog

If you are like many business people you probably use a number of computers in your work. For example, you may have a PC workstation in the office and a Mac laptop or iPad tablet at home.

Sometimes you may find it convenient to continue a project at home that you started in the office. If you are working on valuing a business this would mean sharing your work in progress across the Windows and Mac computers.

With ValuAdder this task is a snap. You can have a Mac version of ValuAdder at home and a Windows software in the office. Anytime you want to you can save all your work as a project scenario file. The same format works on both OS X and Windows. So you can send the scenario file to your home office, for example using your network connection or email.

One you are ready, just double click on the file name on your Mac. ValuAdder comes up with the scenario data open. You can continue your business valuation analysis right where you left off. Of course, the work you do at home can be shared back with your computer in the office.

Incidentally, the ValuAdder tour you can see online shows the Windows version of the software. All the features are identical for both the Mac OS X and Windows products. However, the Mac version of ValuAdder looks and acts like a Mac application and behaves in the familiar way you expect of any professional OS X software.