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Business valuation is the process of estimating the economic worth of a company. Business people get valuations for a number of reasons, such as mergers and acquisitions, taxation, litigation, and strategic planning. While business valuation relies on a lot of math for analysis, is not an exact science. In fact, it is an area of professional expertise that requires a combination of knowledge, experience, and judgment.

AI bots are software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to perform tasks, such as chatbots, and digital workers. These days AI bots can be found in many business applications. Examples are customer service, marketing, and automation. Is it time for the AI to take over business valuation?  Not quite. AI bots are not a good substitute for professional business appraisers.

Why are business appraisers better than AI bots at creating credible business valuations?

Some points to consider:

Business appraisers have the necessary qualifications and credentials to perform business valuation. To attain this level of expertise, appraisers have to complete rigorous training and education, and adhere to professional standards and ethics. They also have to maintain their competence and update their skills through continuing education and peer review.

On the other hand, AI bots do not have any formal qualifications or credentials, nor do they typically adhere to any standards or ethics. They may also lack the ability to learn from feedback and improve their performance over time.

Business appraisers have the relevant experience and expertise to perform business valuation. In their work appraisers apply various methods and approaches, such as income, market, and asset-based methods. Importantly, they exercise professional judgment to choose the most appropriate methods and tools for each situation. Before plunging into analysis, professionals make assumptions about future business prospects. To do so they consider various factors affecting business value, such as industry trends, economic conditions, business risk, and growth potential.

In contrast, AI bots may not have the sufficient experience and expertise to perform business valuation. Instead, the bots generally rely on predefined algorithms and data, and have a hard time adapting to different situations and scenarios. They may also miss or misinterpret important factors and assumptions, and produce inaccurate or inconsistent valuation results.

Business appraisers have the human touch and judgment to perform business valuation. They have to communicate and interact with various stakeholders, such as owners, managers, investors, lenders, and regulators, and understand their needs and expectations. They also have to explain and justify their valuation methods and results, and provide clear and convincing reports and opinions of value.

On the other hand, AI bots tend to lack the human touch and judgment to perform business valuation. They could fail to communicate and interact effectively with various stakeholders, and understand their emotions and motivations. They may also have trouble explaining and justifying their choices of valuation methods and results, or offer reports that fall short of expectations.

The takeaway

In conclusion, skilled business appraisers are better than AI bots at creating credible business valuations. Business valuation is a complex endeavor that requires a combination of knowledge, experience, and judgment, something AI bots cannot fully replicate or replace. Figuring out the value of a company is a high stakes game. When you need a valuation, consider consulting a qualified and experienced business appraiser.

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