Product Installation Instructions


On Windows, simply double-click on the icon of the downloaded file. A simple installation program will guide you through the installation. If you are installing from a CD, the installation process starts automatically, once you insert the CD into your computer’s CD drive.


On a Mac, double-click on the icon of the downloaded file, or if you are installing from a CD, the “Install” icon on the CD. A window will open containing two icons. Drag the icon on the left (which is your ValuAdder product) and drop it onto the icon on the right (which is your Mac's “Applications” folder). This will install the product onto your Mac.

Your computer security is guaranteed

ValuAdder uses a code signing certificate to ensure the security of your computer. The code signing technology protects your computer by performing the following security checks prior to your ValuAdder product installation:

  • Verification that the product publisher is genuine and legitimate.
  • Check that the software has not been tampered with during transmission.