Business Valuation Guide

Managing the Business Buying Process

Your decision to move forward with the business purchase puts the buying process into high gear. The steps you must cover now are time-critical and demand that you be both thorough and efficient.

Your knowledge, solid understanding of the business value, and ability to construct the offer on the terms that meet your goals put you in a position of strength. You can now move with confidence toward:

As you make an offer and enter into the negotiation phase, it is essential to keep the business buying process focused and moving forward smoothly. Use the Deal Check calculation in ValuAdder to justify and negotiate the details of the deal.

Let ValuAdder handle the details as you focus on the big picture of making the deal work. Open as many ValuAdder windows as you need to review a number of deal structure proposals at once with the seller, and negotiate a win-win deal.

Seller financing may be an essential element of your business purchase. Win attractive seller financing terms to ensure your business purchase is successful. Show the seller what the note income stream is worth in present day dollars by using the Discounted Cash Flow calculation in ValuAdder.

Your due diligence may uncover details that require deal terms adjustment. Use the Deal Check to refine your deal terms quickly and effectively to win the seller’s agreement during this time-critical stage in the buying process.

As you complete the legal paperwork and take possession of your new business, congratulate yourself on making the best business purchase deal possible!