Financial Statement Recasting Worksheets

From company financial information to business valuation:

Use the Microsoft® Excel® worksheets built into ValuAdder to recast the historic financial statements for an accurate and defensible business appraisal.

Edit the worksheets to match any financial statement format you want.

Import your data into ValuAdder with a mouse click! See example

Save time as ValuAdder runs your valuation calculations for you automatically.

What you can do with ValuAdder:

Start with the company’s Income Statements and Balance Sheet data.

Determine the business’ earning power by adjusting the financials.

Assess the company’s risk. What methods are used?

Calculate the discount and capitalization rates.

Create reliable earnings forecasts.

Apply lack of marketability and minority discounts to partner buyout valuations and more.

Customize your business valuation:

Edit your worksheets in Excel to create charts and graphs, link external financial models, insert data, and much more.