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Archive for October, 2007

If you are valuing a company that is going through a period of rapid growth, the Discounted Cash Flow business valuation method should be high on your list of choices. Using this key income-based business valuation method, you can get very accurate results. This is because the discounted cash flow business valuation lets you capture the company’s… Continue Reading

If you expect that your business valuation results will be reviewed by tax authorities, you may need to prepare a business appraisal report that meets several key requirements. In the US, for example, the Internal Revenue Service has published the Revenue Ruling 59-60 in 1960. This central publication outlines a number of requirements that a business… Continue Reading

Ask any seasoned business appraiser and you will hear: there are three ways or approaches to measure the value of any business, large or small.  True, but there are some big differences between a small privately owned business and a multi-national giant. To get an accurate small business valuation you need to keep a few key… Continue Reading

Each business is unique in the way it creates value. When you need to measure what your business is worth, it is good practice to choose a number of proven business valuation methods. For example, you may select a method under each of the major business valuation approaches: Income, Market, and Asset. This way, you… Continue Reading

Retail industry is very large and its well-being is essential to the health of the overall economy. As an example, the retail market segment represented by the US department stores, SIC 5311 and NAICS 452111, has over 3,500 establishments generating just under 76.9 billion dollars in annual revenues and employing more than 534,000 people. Retail businesses… Continue Reading