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Archive for May, 2008

Perhaps the greatest advantage of the renowned Discounted Cash Flow business valuation method is its flexibility. You can choose any stream of business income and discount it to determine the business value today. However, to get accurate business valuation results, you need to match your earnings and the discount rate carefully. Net cash flow and… Continue Reading

Companies large and small often realize that they cannot be all things to all people. A business may excel at product development but have little experience in providing specialized services to its customers. A company may have an established position in a regional market place, but lack resources to enter a larger national or international… Continue Reading

ValuAdder raises the bar once again on business valuation software with the latest V4.0 edition. Now in its 4th generation, ValuAdder has helped thousands of small business people and professional advisors world-wide to determine the value of their businesses and structure successful business acquisitions. The secret of success? Listening to our customer needs, using the… Continue Reading

Construction companies are frequent business acquisition targets. The volume of business sales is largely due to the industry size – there are over 346,000 firms in the single-family housing construction alone, classified under SIC 1521 and NAICS 235510. While this construction industry segment generates over $196 billion in annual sales, the average construction company is… Continue Reading