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Archive for December, 2008

Do you own a small engineering firm or are looking to acquire a consulting company? Here are some interesting industry statistics and company valuation tips that you may find useful: Private engineering firms are a typical small professional service business. Of some 58,300 engineering firms classified under SIC code 8711 and NAICS 54133 in the US, fewer than 8%… Continue Reading

One way you can put business valuation to good use is as a strategic planning tool. Knowing what your business is worth helps you make informed business decisions in a number of critical situations. Many business people consider selling their business at certain point. Given the years of hard work that go into building a… Continue Reading

If you think small domestic call centers are a thing of the past  and have been outsourced offshore, think again – there are over 15,000 small and mid-size call center businesses operating in the US alone, classified under SIC 7389 and NAICS 561421. While the average call center employs nearly 300 agents, many businesses in this… Continue Reading

You can value any business or professional practice three ways, known to professionals as valuation approaches: Market – by comparing your business to similar businesses that sold recently. Income – by assessing your company’s earning power and risk. Asset – using the business assets as your valuation basis. Business Valuation Three Ways There are a number… Continue Reading