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Archive for March, 2009

One of the easiest and most defensible ways to approach valuation of a private company is to compare against the recent sales of similar businesses. If the companies that have actually sold resemble your business closely, you can come up with a number of business market value estimates based on the so-called valuation multiples. These… Continue Reading

If you are valuing a CPA practice, consider using the tried and true tools – valuation multiples derived from the sales of comparable accounting practices, classified under SIC code 8721. The advantage of taking this market approach to an accounting practice valuation is twofold: It offers highly defensible evidence of the current selling prices for… Continue Reading

With the amount of debt accumulated by both the consumers and businesses in recent years, professional debt collection is a growing business. Key industry stats Classified under SIC code 7322, there are close to 7,780 collection agencies operating in the US alone. They generate over $11.99B in annual revenues. According to the US Bureau of… Continue Reading

I think you will agree – we are seeing the most unprecedented changes in the economic environment in recent history. And unlike the earlier downturns, the effect is felt across all industry sectors and by most businesses, large or small. Business people are rightly concerned to ask: how does this affect my business value? Importantly,… Continue Reading