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Archive for May, 2009

Perhaps the best known reasons for getting a business valuation are a business sale or purchase and handling a legal challenge such as divorce or partner dispute. You can also use business valuation as a strategic planning tool. And one of the most important questions to address is whether you should keep your doors open… Continue Reading

If you are thinking of selling your business or plan to buy one, the central issue is how to determine the business sale price. Setting the selling price of a business right is very important to a successful business acquisition. More deals go wrong because business buyers and sellers fail to agree on how to… Continue Reading

The Multiple of Discretionary Earnings is a classical example of direct capitalization methods under the Income Approach to business valuation. Using this technique you can determine your business value as a capitalized multiple of business discretionary cash flow. The valuation multiplier used by the Multiple of Discretionary Earnings method is built up based on your… Continue Reading