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Archive for June, 2009

Classified under the SIC 5719 code and NAICS 337133, home furnishings stores are a major segment of the retail industry. If you need to value such a business, you have a choice of well-known methods to get the job done. Perhaps the best known approach to valuing a home furnishings company is by comparison to… Continue Reading

Catering companies are a major segment of the food and drink industry, classified under SIC 5812 and NAICS 72232. Successful catering businesses sell quite often. This is good news if you need to determine the fair market value of your company. In fact, valuation multiples derived from recent sales of similar firms give you an accurate… Continue Reading

Getting a business appraisal that is accurate and defensible can make a difference of thousands and even millions of dollars. Whether you are planning on a business sale or purchase, handling a legal dispute or tax matter, a key part of your strategy should be knowing what the business is worth. Since the stakes are high, it… Continue Reading

Ask any professional business appraiser and you will hear the same advice: If you need a business valuation that is both accurate and defensible, use a number of business valuation methods in your analysis. There is a good reason for this insistence – no business valuation method is best. Each method looks at a different set… Continue Reading