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Archive for August, 2009

If you own a small animal veterinary practice, consider buying one or plan to open a new clinic, here are some interesting industry statistics. Classified under the SIC 0742 code, there are over 37,000 vet practices in the US alone. The industry as a whole generates some $12.2B in annual revenues and employs more than 264,000 people. The… Continue Reading

Whether you are valuing an established company or a start-up, the income-based business valuation methods are a wise choice. For businesses that tend to generate a steady stream of earnings, the direct capitalization methods such as Multiple of Discretionary Earnings or Capitalization of Earnings work very well. Using these valuation techniques you can assess the… Continue Reading

Private law practice ownership transfers have been on the rise in recent years. Not surprisingly, the issue of valuing a law firm has gained in importance. In the US private law firm sales are endorsed by the American Bar Association under the Model Rule 1.17. A growing number of states now permit the sale of… Continue Reading

Hardware stores, classified under SIC 5251 and NAICS 44413, are a sizable part of the retail industry. In the US alone there are over 27,000 hardware stores in operation employing just over 173,000 staff. This retail industry segment generates more than $17 billion in annual gross sales. Hardware retail business is small business Yet an… Continue Reading