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Archive for September, 2009

If you talk to a professional business appraiser, it won’t be long before you hear about the business valuation approaches and methods. These are the tools of the trade – and it is important to understand their relationship. Business appraisers enjoy having an arsenal of tools at their disposal. This gives them the flexibility to… Continue Reading

If you own an established industrial equipment rental and leasing business, plan to buy one or need to provide a business appraisal for a client, consider adding the market-based valuation methods to your toolkit. Classified under the SIC code 7377, profitable firms operating in a well defined, protected niche, are quite valuable and sell often. This… Continue Reading

Our customers often ask us this question: ValuAdder offers a number of business valuation methods. Does using multiple valuation techniques reduce business risk? Our answer is this: applying a number of methods to value a business helps you reveal and assess the business risk much better than using just one method. Appraising a business based… Continue Reading

If you want a business appraised by a qualified business analyst, you are presented with a bewildering array of choices. There are no local or federal license requirements for business appraisers. Instead, a number of professional organizations offer education and professional certifications for appraisers. Each organization has its own set of appraiser endorsement requirements and… Continue Reading

The answer depends on your situation. If you need a recipe for an accurate, defensible business valuation make sure you choose a number of professionally accepted business valuation methods to do it. Valuing a business requires that you carefully analyze the company across a number of economic fundamentals. Professional business appraisers approach business valuation in… Continue Reading