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Archive for October, 2009

One of the most challenging tasks you are likely to face when considering an outside investment is how to determine the value of your company. Referred to by venture capitalists as the post-money valuation, this key step gives you a number of strategic decision data points: What the entire company is worth, known as the… Continue Reading

If you own a land surveying firm or plan to acquire one, here are some interesting industry statistics. Classified under the SIC code 8713 and NAICS 54136, there are some 770 such establishments in the US alone, employing over 11,500. While the industry as a whole generates $3.1B in annual revenues, the average land surveying company… Continue Reading

Are you using a modern 64 bit computer system? Or do you work on both 32 and 64 bit machines? Now you can use ValuAdder business valuation software on both types of computers – and get identical performance and accurate business appraisal results. What makes this magic possible? ValuAdder leverages the Java computing platform to… Continue Reading

Our customers ask us often: “what computer systems can I run ValuAdder software on?” Our answer: any computer you like! This is no exaggeration – you can conduct your business appraisal using ValuAdder software on all versions of Windows, Apple MAC OS, Linux or Unix computer systems. Industry-standard environment for business valuation software How is… Continue Reading