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Archive for August, 2011

Residential and commercial real estate appraisal firms comprise a large segment of the real estate services industry. Classified under the SIC code 6531 – 9901 and NAICS 531320, there are some 14,000 such companies operating in the industry in the US alone. Together these professional services firms generate just over $5.8B in annual revenues employing… Continue Reading

If you need to determine the value of goodwill of a business or professional practice, the capitalized excess earnings method is an excellent tool. This asset-based valuation method, known as the Treasury method, is especially well suited for goodwill estimation for all types of privately owned companies. Treasury method uses two rates of return One… Continue Reading

If you are valuing a private business for any reason, the market approach should be an essential part of your analysis. There are a couple of methods you can use to establish the value of a privately owned firm: Comparative transaction method Guideline public company method To use the comparative transaction method you basically develop… Continue Reading