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Archive for March, 2012

One of the most important choices you can make when valuing a company is the proper selection of earnings basis. The idea is to capture the true earning power of the company. In virtually all professionally done business appraisals the earnings basis is some measure of cash flow. The typical choice is the net cash… Continue Reading

If you need to value a tour operator company, here are some key industry statistics to consider: Classified under the SIC code 4725 and NAICS 561520, there are 2,993 firms in the US alone. These tour operators generate a combined annual revenue of $4,397M with 32,125 staff. Yet the average tour operator business is a… Continue Reading

Three cheers again for the ValuAdder engineering team for their outstanding work on the all new ValuAdder V7 product. Designed on top of the leading edge Scala and Java technology, ValuAdder V7 brings an important new valuation tool in 2012 – the employee stock option (ESO) valuation system. Hull-White binomial model for ESO valuation The… Continue Reading