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Archive for May, 2012

Valuation multiples that relate business value to some measure of its earnings are among the most typical tools used in business appraisals. There are essentially two types of such valuation multiples: economic multiples that relate business value to its cash flow accounting multiples that use any of the well known business profitability metrics. Business appraisers… Continue Reading

With the summer 2012 release of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Apple has raised the bar on computer security. For you as a Mac user, the key piece of technology is Mac Gatekeeper. As the name implies, Mac Gatekeeper’s role is to protect your laptop or desktop from malware attacks. Gatekeeper runs a number… Continue Reading

S corporations are so-called pass through entities. The company itself pays no income taxes. Instead, the shareholders pick up their share of business earnings and put them on their own tax returns. This is big savings compared to the double taxation common with the C corporations. Pre-tax or after-tax earnings for your business valuation? When… Continue Reading

Are you considering valuation of a commercial building contractor firm? Check out these industry statistics: There are some 38,000 commercial and institutional construction companies, classified under the SIC code 1541 and NAICS 236220. These construction firms generate a combined $372.5B in annual revenues. The industry sector employs an impressive 654,178 of professional and administrative staff,… Continue Reading