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Archive for August, 2008

If you plan to acquire a small business, a central question is what the business is worth. Business valuation is the key step to determine your offer price and terms. Business value: what happens after you buy? In addition, understanding the target business economic value is essential to address some strategic questions after the purchase:… Continue Reading

When it comes to valuing a partner’s stake in the business, valuation of the business as a whole is the first step. The next big question is how to allocate this business value among the partners. You may think that that the total business enterprise value should be divided in proportion to the partners ownership… Continue Reading

With increasing numbers of the baby boomers reaching retirement age, there is one skilled services sector that is sure to flourish – home health care. Indeed, home health care services, classified under SIC code 8082, have been experiencing rapid growth recently. There are excellent opportunities for differentiation since a business can specialize in providing services to a targeted… Continue Reading