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To complement the support for the USPAP and AICPA SSVS No 1 standards, the ValuAdder team has added compliance with the International Valuation Standards (IVS) to our flagship business valuation and reporting solutions, ValuAdder 5 and Report Builder 3.

IVS adoption as the national business valuation standard

Adoption of the IVS as the national valuation standards in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa as well as IVS incorporation into the national standards in the UK and Ireland has created the need for business valuation tools that help ensure standards compliance in a consistent, flexible yet efficient manner.

Standards compliant valuation system – for professionals and business people

ValuAdder 5 offers a configurable set of recognized methods under the standards-endorsed asset, income and market valuation approaches. All methods enable valuation analysis using the market, investment, fair value and special value bases to calculate the enterprise or equity value of the subject business.

As a result, business analysts, owners and investors can easily create sophisticated multi-method valuations of established firms and start-ups for transactional, litigation, tax, business insurance and financing purposes.

Report Builder 3 features the format and language required to comply with the IVS valuation reporting requirements. Each report created with the Report Builder contains all the elements expected for Standards compliance – and can be easily customized to address any business valuation engagement requirements.

Help with developing standards compliant business appraisals

The integrated ValuAdder Learning and Information Center offers extensive help with developing world-class business valuations along with the compilation of key terms, explanations of concepts, definition of the scope and structure required of any International Valuation Standards-compliant business valuation.

Create Professional Business Appraisals

See how a set of standard business valuation methods can be used to create highly accurate, defensible business valuations.

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